How To Measure Gas Struts

  1. Measure the Gas Strut when it is fully extended from the Centre of the End Fittings. This is called the EXTENDED LENGTH

  2. Measure the Diameter of both the Barrel and the Rod. This will provide the STRUT SIZE and is usually recorded as Rod / Barrel dimensions. (eg) 6/15 , 8/18 , 10/22, & 14/28

  3. Measure the exposed Rod length from the Barrel to the centre of the End Fitting. This will determine the STROKE LENGTH.

  4. To establish the FORCE of the Strut ( Newton Metres ) look on the Strut Label or Branding for a Number followed by the Letters Nm or N. (eg ) 450 Nm or 450 N.

  5. If no label is present, the weight of the object being held with the Struts must be determined. Remove the Struts from their position and Prop the object with a pole or similar on domestic bathroom scales. Basic Conversion is 1 KG = 10 NM

  6. To complete your measure, take note of the End Fitting. Is it Plastic or Metal ? An eyelet or clevis ?. A photo would assist if possible.

  7. Ring our Sales Team or complete the Enquiry Form with your details to Order your Struts.


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