Linear Actuator Installation Instructions




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Before Installation

Ensure there is no power connected.

Ensure the actuator is free from any load.

Ensure the end fittings are cross drilled and pinned. If you are installing directly on to plates or brackets without end fittings or pivots, pins must lock both ends of the actuator to their respective plates or brackets. This is critical to avoid unwanted rotation of the unit, which may result in electrical cable damage. This procedure of pinning the end fittings or pinning the plates/brackets must be done, otherwise the warranty is void. If you are undertaking this yourself, please call us if you require technical advice.

Ensure any cavity housing an actuator, cannot hold water and has adequate drainage.

Ensure all electrical connections are correctly fitted. If using multiple actuators, ensure the polarity is the same to all units for unified directional movement.

Ensure that the electrical supply circuit is protected by an appropriate sized fuse or circuit breaker.

Ensure all cabling in the supply circuit is rated to handle the respective current being used. Use 7.5 amps for an individual unit, 15 amps for two units and 30 amps for four units.

When installing multiple actuators, ensure all cables running to them are of identical length. This will even out voltage drop and allow a more unified action.

Before Operation

Ensure the correct voltage of 12VDC is supplied and the supply circuit supports enough current for the number of actuators being used.

Ensure the whole stroke is used, so the limit switches are reached in both directions. If external limit switches are used, ensue they are actuated in both directions at the correct point you require.

Ensure all attaching brackets are properly secured and allow full movement of the actuator.

During Operation

Do not side load the actuator. The actuator is designed for linear pushing and pulling only. Lateral stability must be achieved by your application design.

To avoid internal damage to the actuator, do not exert more than the rated capacity of force to the actuator in either direction. This includes shock loading which may cause internal damage.

Listen for any unusual sounds or movements from either the actuator or the application.

If you have purchased a control unit for multiple actuators, these instructions must be read in conjunction with those provided with the control unit.


Voltage: 12 VDC

Amperage: 6A at full capacity

Force: up to 3000N / 306Kg

Feed rate: up to 5mm / second at full capacity

Ingress protection: IP66 (Dust tight, powerful water jet proof)*

Tube material: 2.5 mm extruded aluminium

Shaft material: Stainless steel

Lead Screw material: Hardened steel

Mounting threads: M10 x 1.5 mm

Limit switches: Internally built in series with the motor

Motor: DC permanent magnet motor with brushes

Duty cycle: 2 minutes on / 8 minutes off (25%)



Dust Tight - No ingress of dust; complete protection against contact.

Powerful Water Jets - Water projected in powerful jets from a 12.5 mm nozzle

at a volume of 100 litres per minute at a pressure of 100kPa at a distance of 3

metres for at least 3 minutes against the enclosure from any direction shall

have no harmful effects.


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